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Competition Time!

To celebrate the release of Piper on the 14th of December 2015, we are giving away some excusive Inquisitor; The Book of Jerrick - Part 1 goodies to one lucky winner!

In the winners pack, you will find:


A signed proof copy of Inquisitor; The Book of Jerrick - Part 1: There are only 5 of these proof copies in existance. Originally used as layout markers for a orint version of the original story, they contain the second draft of the story, i.e before the final edit!


Lovingly dubbed the 'Warts and All' version of the Indie B.R.A.G honured story, these proof copies contain never before seen contents and alternative viewpoints of scenes which were re-witten for the final draft.


In short, they're gnarly and full of errors. Even the cover design isn't quite right. However, they are limited and this last copy will be signed with your name and yours to own! 


An Inquisitor; The Book of Jerrick - Part 1 T-Shirt (Size XL): A limited edition promotional T-Shirt that has an oversized print of the cover on the front. In Size XL only.


THE singed death warrant from the original Inquisitor; The Book of Jerrick - Part 1 promotional video: This warrant is the original warrant that was used in the first Inquisitor; The Book of Jerrick - Part 1 promotional trailer. Signed by G. J. Reilly, this is an unique item*.


Official Inquisitor; The Book of Jerrick - Part 1 promotional literature: You will receive a signed A5 sized promotional flyer. On one side is the Inquisitor; The Book of Jerrick - Part 1book cover and on the other is the blurb and other information. It would make for a great picture when framed.


AND ...


As if all that wasn't enough, the winner will received a digital copy of Piper; The Book of Jerrick - Part 2, gifted to the amazon account of your choice. 

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